Timothy D. Kolosky

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Timothy D. Kolosky

Timothy D. Kolosky joined 415 Group’s IT department in April 2021. He provides remote assistance to clients to resolve their technical issues, ensuring the seamless operation of their business and ensuring absolute customer satisfaction.

When asked to describe his work philosophy, Tim explained: “I have always been highly motivated and passionate about my work. I am always striving to better myself both as an employee and as a person. I take pleasure in helping others, whether it is a client or a coworker, and always stay friendly and positive no matter how difficult or frustrating a situation may become. I believe strongly in accountability and always take responsibility for my actions.”

As a part of 415 Group, Tim enjoys his coworkers, who he characterizes as “extremely positive, friendly, and helpful.” He is also excited about the learning opportunities that come with supporting a vast array of different types of technical issues.

Outside of work, Tim enjoys hiking and shed hunting (looking for deer and elk antlers that drop off each spring to grow back larger each year) in the mountains of Colorado, playing video games, and watching horror movies. He loves watching sports and is an avid supporter of any Cleveland and Columbus based team.

When it comes to family, Tim’s cousin Ryan Hanlon also works at 415 Group. Tim has a niece and two nephews who mean the world to him.

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