Microsoft 365

The most widely adopted office productivity software is now a powerful and convenient cloud platform

Take your office with you anywhere you go

Remote working has become a huge part of the new business environment and businesses that have not adapted to these new operational changes are finding it increasingly difficult to reach their goals. By adopting the Microsoft 365 cloud platform, your business will take a huge step toward operational flexibility and better collaboration, and 415 Group can customize and implement it to meet your business needs.

Collaborate and communicate easily on the cloud

Our Microsoft 365 services promise to improve collaboration among your team and with clients. You’ll be able to utilize a multitude of powerful Microsoft Office apps while on the go — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Skype for Business, shared calendars and contacts, and more.

Microsoft 365 services from 415 Group provide you with:

Increased mobility

Access your data and work from anywhere at any time.

Better collaboration

Work more efficiently with your team via a multitude of Microsoft Office applications that support file sharing and co-editing.

Tougher security

Safety features like encryption and data loss prevention eliminate unauthorized access to your files.