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In April 2023, Renee Bischoff joined 415 Group’s IT department. She is responsible for making calls and generating opportunities for new clients, as well as following up on qualified leads and securing appointments for 415 Group’s IT partner with prospects.

At 415 Group, Renee loves the atmosphere and positive energy across the entire firm: “415 Group is an amazing company that takes pride in providing excellent service to clients and being passionate about the care they give clients and employees. I am very proud to be employed by the 415 Group.”

She describes her work philosophy as being a loyal, dependable employee, striving to do her best. She enjoys customer service and will always go the extra mile for client satisfaction.

Prior to joining 415 Group, Renee worked at Life Line Screening, completing more than 100 cold calls each day.

Outside of work, Renee enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and their families and friends. She lives on a lake, so summer weekends are spent on their boat. Her two sons live in California, and she says, “They are my world, and I look forward to their visits every year.”

Renee supports a variety of local non-profits, including Stark County Humane Society, Jackson Bear Hugs, Domestic Violence Project, Inc., COMPASS Rape Crisis Center, and The Patriot Ball to honor those who served.

Her favorite quote is by Vivian Greene: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain.”


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