7 Ways to avoid getting stuck when working remotely

Companies across the globe are now looking into remote work to keep their employees safe from the coronavirus pandemic. Today’s technology allows you to collaborate and communicate with your team from the comfort of your home. However, working remotely means there may be times when it is difficult to keep your day interesting and you might get “stuck” in the same routine, leading to burnout and even depression. Here are some ways you can inject some fun into your day.

#1 Dress up for work

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you don’t have to look professional. As strange as it may sound, planning what you’ll wear while working remotely can help you be more productive and take out the rut from wearing sweatpants and hoodies every day.

#2 Motivate your brain

Before you start your workday at home, you need to get your brain moving in the right direction. Author Ayn Rand suggests doing something that involves judgment, discrimination, and awareness, such as walking your dog, meditating, reading a good book, or trying out a new recipe. Keep routine chores and choices to a minimum, as they can lead to decision fatigue.

#3 Go outside

This may seem like it defeats the purpose of working remotely, but going out at least once every 24 hours can help you avoid developing the hermit habit. You don’t have to go somewhere far. Take a morning walk and get some fresh air. Performing moderate exercises regularly can help improve productivity and can lead to a better work-life balance. If certain restrictions such as a lockdown or quarantine are implemented, you can take short walks around your house as an alternative. If you have your own exercise equipment, take the time for short workouts so you can insert some physical activity into your workday.

#4 Listen to new music

People often underestimate the power of music. Studies have shown that listening to new music is beneficial for your brain. Discovering new music helps activate the part of your brain responsible for making you feel excited and rewarded. The same study shows that people who listen to new music are more receptive to learning new things.

#5 Don’t skip your breaks

A key part of being productive while working remotely is remembering to take breaks. However, this is easy to forget, especially if you’re too focused on your work. To ensure you don’t skip out on your breaks, place the things you need out of reach. One example is keeping your phone in another room, forcing you to get up and check it when it rings.

Keep snacks and drinks away from your work area. This will help prevent you from bonding too much with your home office chair. If you find it hard to take periodic breaks, create reminders that tell you to get up and do a certain task that will break your concentration for a few minutes.

#6 Watch your favorite shows

If remote work is making you feel lonely, try watching some of your favorite shows. Studies have shown that watching shows you love promotes a feeling of social surrogacy. It simply means that watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory, Friends, or whatever your preferred show is can help you experience a feeling of belonging and make you feel less lonely.

#7 No one’s watching

If remote work is burning you out or making you feel like you’re in a rut, remember, no one is watching you. Try dancing by yourself or playing an instrument if you have one. This can help you loosen up and take the edge away.

These tips are just some of the ways you can create a daily routine that will prevent you from developing the hermit habit. If you want to learn more about working effectively at home, give us a call today.

Published with permission from TechAdvisory.org. Source.